Thigh Lift | Leg Lift

Thigh lift surgery is an operation for the removal of sagging in the thighs (leg) area due to excessive weight loss-gain. Thigh lift and leg aesthetic surgeries are not the same. You can find more information about leg aesthetics in ‘leg aesthetics’ section.

uyluk germe

uyluk germe

How to Perform Thigh Lift Surgery and how is the Recovery Process?

Thigh lift surgery (leg lift surgery) is an operation that lasts for 2-3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. After the detailed examination, the technique to be used is determined and according to this technique, incisions are made extending from the inner leg area to the knees depending on sagging with cuts from inside inguinal area or hip fold. By performing lifting procedure through these incisions made to remove the leg (thigh) sagging, the skin and fat tissues that cause sagging are removed and incisions are closed with scars hidden in the body folds.

The length of your hospital stay is 2-3 days after the thigh lift surgery (leg lift surgery) and you can be discharged after the draining of your accumulated blood, serum and drains. Going back to normal life (comfortable walking and sitting) is possible after 7-10 days of thigh lift surgery.

It is recommended that you wear a corset for 2 months after thigh lift surgery, and returning of the scars to normal skin colour is average 2 months.