Breast Aesthetics | Mammoplasty

Breast aesthetics has become one of the most popular needs of the last 10 years. Training of specialists in their fields and using of technology and new techniques in surgeries in a very successful manner are significant factors in the increase in the demand for breast aesthetics.
Breast aesthetics is a surgery which has quite satisfactory results when the appropriate method is performed to the appropriate patient. Even though asked quite frequently, the method of non-surgical breast aesthetics is not yet available, unfortunately.

meme estetiği

Breast Augmentation

One of the most important reasons for breast augmentation surgery is that the breasts are too small compared to your body or in the sizes that you want. Breast augmentation surgery can be performed due to some genetic diseases or health issues for the patients lost their breasts after breast cancer.
Breast augmentation surgery lasts for approximately 1 hour and you are examined before the surgery. After the necessary measurements, the breast prosthesis (breast silicone) is chosen which is the most suitable for your body structure. Then breast enlargement surgery is performed. Although breast aesthetics is a relative concept, there are some rules to follow. In the breast aesthetics process, breast prosthesis (breast silicone) can be placed in the size appropriate to your breast diameter after the examination. You may want a larger prosthesis, but these measurements should be taken into consideration in breast aesthetics.


Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is performed when your breasts are larger than your body lines. Hormonal disorders; excessive weight gain, pregnancy, and genetic factors are among the reasons for large breasts.

Briefly, general discomforts in women who want to undergo breast reduction surgery are;

– Bra strap marks on the shoulder area caused by big and large breasts

– Neck and back pain due to sagging of large and big breasts; this problem is one of the most important reasons for breast reduction surgery.

– Sweating-related dermatosis and skin sensitivity under the breast

Large breasts disproportionate to your body lines can cause back and neck pain; and so cause hunchback posture which we call posture disorder. At the same time, bra straps can leave serious marks on your shoulders and may cause dermatological disorders called dermatosis under the breast. In consideration of all these problems, in fact, breast reduction surgery is not for only an aesthetic purpose but also can be an operation necessary for health. Anyone who is older than 18 years of age and has regular menstruation may undergo breast reduction surgery.


Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery (breast push-up surgery) is performed for treatment of breast sagging as a result of the sagging of the breast tissue in time caused by gravitational effect due to excessive weight gain-loss, pregnancy and aging in time. Breast lift surgery lifts breast sagging up and provides a younger look.

The purpose of breast lift surgery is to lift breast sagging up. There are many techniques defined for breast lift surgery, and the technique to be used for breast lift is determined by whether the breast volume is adequate and the condition of the breast sagging.

If there is a lack of volume in addition to breast saggingbreast prosthesis surgery together with breast lift surgery is required to compensate for lost volume. Or, on the contrary, if your breasts are large in addition to your breast sagging, breast reduction surgery together with breast lift surgery is required.


Gynecomastia / Enlargement of Male Breast

Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) refers to female breast enlargement in men due to hormonal reasons or to some medicines used. It may also occur due to some genetic diseases. Although male breast enlargement is due to excessive weight gain, male breast enlargement caused by this excessive fat deposition is not fully considered as gynecomastia. However, the treatment methods are the same.

During the adolescence period, a follow-up is recommended for male patients who complain about a female type breast. Because when adolescence ends, male breast enlargementmay end. If there are genetic diseases or hormonal reasons, the treatment of these causes is planned first and then the surgical procedure is applied.

A patient with a complaint of male breast enlargement is examined in detail and mammary ultrasound is usually requested. The method of the surgery to be performed is determined according to the examination and ultrasound results.