Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics has become quite popular with the advancement of technology. The advancement of technology and the increase in non-surgical methods have increased the interest and attention of people.

The most important point of facial aesthetics is to be able to identify what is bothering you when you look in the mirror. For this reason, it is important to apply the aesthetics that will make you happy.

Sometimes a very small touch can make quite large changes. It is recommended to consult specialists and get information.



Rhinoplasty has become very popular in recent years and modern technology has shortened the surgery time and healing process. Rhinoplasty is important because the nose is the most prominent organ in the facial area. For this reason, rhinoplasty is an important and experience-based procedure.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult and delicate operations of plastic surgery. And even the slightest mistake in rhinoplasty can be seen in a very noticeable way. The reason for this is the fact that the nose is in the mid-face area and it is an organ that attracts attention at first glance to the face.


Almond Eye Aesthetics

Almond eye aesthetics is, in fact, a part of the lower eyelid surgery and the recovery of the loosening in the lower eyelid due to aging or genetic factors. This process aims to remove the tired expression resulting from sagging of the lower eyelid. While the average age for almond eye aesthetics was 40-50 years before, intense work pressure and stress have led the early ages to perform this surgery and have become a trend among young people.

As a result of almond eye surgery, a little slanting view is created in the eyes and in this way the patient has more vivid and dynamic gaze than before. Caused by taking place of women in Turkey more effectively in social and business life, the intense work pressure and the stress are reflected in their eyes. The outer lines of the eyes slightly sag and they try to close this appearance by tying their hair back or makeup. Almond eye aesthetic surgery completely eliminates this problem and makes it possible to lift up the sagging outer line of the eye and to make it more slanting.


Chin and Cheekbone Aesthetics

Chin and cheek aesthetic surgeries can be performed by rasping –oil injection or special prostheses. After a detailed examination, your physician decides which technique to be used.

Chin and cheekbone augmentation surgeries can be performed with permanent prostheses or fat injections. These surgeries are performed to provide a younger appearance, to provide facial aesthetics and balance, to treat the congenital jaw structure disorder. The problems commonly encountered;


Facelift Surgeries

Facelift surgeries are only one of the most effective and permanent methods of facial rejuvenation.

Facelift surgeries, facial rejuvenation, non-surgical facelift, thread lift etc.  For thousands of years, human beings have wanted to prevent aging and so spent much of their time for this. With the passing years, aging and keeping up of our bodies with this aging are inevitable. There are too many necessary and unnecessary methods defined for facial rejuvenation.

The aging of the facial area occurs gradually over the years. First, due to the gravity effect, and if we cannot protect our skin from the sun, thin wrinkles begin to occur. When we see these symptoms, we begin to research facial rejuvenation methods. You can read more information about facial aging in the facial rejuvenation section.


Upper Eyelid Aesthetics

If the upper eyelid has sagging or bags, the possibility of predicting our age is quite high. When looking at our face, our eye region is the first place to show our age. Therefore, there is a need for upper eyelid surgery.

The sagging or bags of the upper eyelid leads to a decrease in our visual field. Ladies complain that they lift their eyebrows while wearing eye shadow and there is a decrease in the eyelid area for eye shadow. Another reason for the need for upper eyelid aesthetics is that you have a tired expression when you get up in the morning.

Major causes of bags of the upper eyelid include sleep disorder, smoking, and genetic factors.

Upper eyelid surgery is an operation that lasts for 45-70 minutes with the local anaesthesia. During the operation, it is aimed to gain a more youthful appearance by removing the excess skin tissue and fat pads that cause bags under eyes and sagging in the upper eyelid.


Lower Eyelid Aesthetics

Lower eyelid aesthetics are performed in order to make a younger appearance and remove the tired expression which causes a look older than normal due to the lower eyelid bags.

Lower eyelid bags are formed by herniation of fat pads supporting the eyeball due to aging and genetic factors. In some cases, the skin excess may also occur without this herniation.


Forehead Lift Surgery

For forehead lift surgery, people with too many wrinkles on the forehead area which cannot be lost by filler and anti-wrinkle treatments are candidates.

Forehead lift surgery is one of the steps of facelift surgery. People who have too much forehead wrinkles that cannot be lost by filler and anti-wrinkle treatments are candidates for this surgery.

Although wrinkle removal is the most fundamental method in the treatment of forehead wrinkles, the aging and genetic ground cause quite deep wrinkles in the forehead area. The most permanent way to treat forehead wrinkles is forehead lift surgeryWrinkles and sagging on the forehead begin to cause eyebrows to sag and affect the visual field. Therefore, lift surgery is also necessary for some patients due to health issues.


Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Eyebrow lift surgery is a preferred method in cases where wrinkle removal treatments and filler are not effective. After certain measurements are taken from the forehead or scalp area, eyebrow lift operation is performed.

The method to be used in eyebrow lift surgery and the amount of eyebrow lift vary from patient to patient. The eyelid distance and the condition of both eyebrows are examined in the examination and the degree of eyebrow lift is calculated.

Your eyebrow hair does not fall off after eyebrow lift surgery. It does not increase or decrease the hair because there is no operation affecting the eyebrows.


Prominent Ear Surgery

The prominent ear is a word among the public that I do not like very much and I find it quite rude; It is a defect which is formed by external factors in infancy or congenital and it does not need surgery when it is treated in the early period. The appearance of the prominent ear is that the ears stick out from the side of the head and it requires surgery due to aesthetic and psychosocial reasons rather than health problems.

Under normal conditions, the prominent ear treatment is an operation that should be performed at the latest 4-5 aged. Because cartilages have not completed their development and are softer, the success of the surgery and the possibility of cartilages to fit into the formed shape are quite high. In fact, it is sufficient to use ear bandage even for the prominent ear treatment under the age of 1 year.