Eyebrow Lift Surgery

Eyebrow lift surgery is a preferred method in cases where wrinkle removal treatments and filler are not effective. After certain measurements are taken from the forehead or scalp area, eyebrow lift operation is performed.

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The method to be used in eyebrow lift surgery and the amount of eyebrow lift vary from patient to patient. The eyelid distance and the condition of both eyebrows are examined in the examination and the degree of eyebrow lift is calculated.

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Will I Have Eyebrow Loss After Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

Your eyebrow hair does not fall off after eyebrow lift surgery. It does not increase or decrease the hair because there is no operation affecting the eyebrows.

However, in order to pluck your eyebrows, you should wait 1-2 weeks for the scar tissues to heal. There is no age limit for the eyebrow lift surgery. Depending on the condition of your eyebrows with eyebrow lift surgery, your eyebrows can be lifted from all parts of your face to fit your facial features.

How is the Postoperative Process after Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

You can be discharged after eyebrow lift surgery on the same day or the next day. Anaesthesia type may be local or sedation according to the surgical technique. You can have oedema for 3-4 days after brow lift surgery, but it is completely temporary.