Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen is the name of the original patented device used, not a treatment method. It is the only micro-needling system that comes from the USA with FDA approval. Unfortunately, there are many places in the market that are known as normal dermaroller and introduce Far East products as original like dermapen. In this way, Dermapen company carries out the necessary legal procedures for the companies advertising and using non-original use. You certainly see the dermapen brand on the device.


Why Is It Important To Use Original Dermapen?

The most important feature that distinguishes dermapen from other micro needling systems is the patented sequence alignment form and sharpness of the needles. It can be easily operated at a depth of 2,5 mm with Dermapen, and with non-original devices, it causes scratches on the patient’s face even at 2 mm depth.

Dermapen needles are titanium and there is no risk of bacterial transmission. Heads of non-original devices are not titanium and its risk of bacterial transmission is high.

Dermapen creates micro-damage on the skin’s surface and puts the skin back into the healing phase. At the same time, the product, which is injected to the surface of the skin, allows it to pass under the skin with almost 100% efficiency. Thus it increases the efficiency of the product used.


Treatment of Acne (Red Spot) with Dermapen

Acne scars are a very boring problem for many people and one of the proven methods for treatment is dermapen treatment.

With Dermapen, acne scars are not completely lost, but since they repair the pores and skin, it provides acne scars to be lost to a great extent. Special products containing growth factors used in the treatment of acne scars together with dermapen increase the success of red spot scars treatment.

The number of sessions for treatment of acne scars is about 6-8 and the sessions intervals are 2-3 weeks. After the treatment of acne (red spot) scars, you have redness that lasts for 2-3 days and during this time the applied areas must be protected from the sun.

Dark Spot Treatment with Dermapen

Sunspots and birthmarks are the most resistant to treatment, but a problem from which quite successful is achieved when the correct treatment is used.

In the treatment of sunspots, dermapen and appropriate mesotherapy products are combined to increase the effectiveness of the products. The efficiency of dermapen in the treatment of dark spots is scientifically proven, and it is very important to use it in the right skin type and spots.

Skin Rejuvenation with Dermapen

Dermapen is not only used for the treatment of dark spots and acne scars. It is also used for shrinking large pores and for skin rejuvenation.

The number of skin rejuvenation varies from person to person, with an average of 4-8 sessions. Session intervals of application of skin rejuvenation with Dermapen are 3-4 weeks and the treatment is supported by products suitable for your skin type.