Salmon DNA

Our success in facial rejuvenation with developing technology is getting better every day for us as plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Salmon DNA is one of these innovations and perhaps one of the most effective methods we have seen so far. Salmon DNA preparation is obtained from salmon eggs and offers visible effects on the skin from the first session thanks to its containing hyaluronic acid and trace amino acids.

somon dna

How Is Salmon DNA Treatment Performed?

The treatment varies according to the skin structure and age of the patient, and although the average duration of action is reported as 12 months, its permanence increases gradually with repeated sessions and puts the skin in the repair process.

After application to the skin, metabolic activities increase in the dermis layer and increase the release of growth factors providing new veins and collagen synthesis from the skin. In this way, the blood flow accelerates and the skin begins to moisturize and rejuvenate. This process accelerates over time. As increasing of the synthesis of fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin, which leads to the rejuvenation of the skin, the endogenous hyaluronic acid release starts to increase, thus the skin tightening and moisture balance increase.

Salmon DNA has started a new era all over the world and we see that many famous names around the world use this method.

somon dna

Which Areas Is Salmon DNA Injection (PI SYSTEM) Applied?

It is a method that can be applied safely in every skin type, to sum up;

In the correction of the skin structure,
In the renewal, repair, and rejuvenation of the face, neck, low-neck, hand and lip areas,
In lightening and reconfiguration of the eye area (removal of swelling and dark circles),
In the treatment of during pregnancy and weight gain-loss,
In the treatment of hormonal hair loss,
In the treatment of acne scars,
It is used in the treatment of sagging and fracture in the inner arm and knee.

How is it Applied?

Salmon DNA injected into the skin by mesotherapy method does not cause any allergic reaction as it is a natural serum. It is also called Salmon DNA injection.

During the treatment, people only feel the pain of the injected syringe, however, they often do not make sense of it. This treatment is one of the most painless skin rejuvenation methods with this feature.

Because there is no surgical intervention, in the treatment which does not need anaesthesia patients can immediately go back to their daily lives.

Only slight redness may occur in the injection hole areas after application. These disappear in a short time and an image appears as if nothing has been applied to the skin.

The application can be applied in a single session or a total of 4 sessions in 3 months depending on the person. Do not forget to ask the practitioner his/her identity information because only plastic surgeons and dermatologists have the application authority

Can It be Applied with Other Methods?

Salmon DNA injection is one of the methods of skin rejuvenation and can be combined with other methods. Before the treatment is performed, for the first 15 days in one or two sessions hydrating procedure is done and the skin is prepared for salmon DNA injection.